International Communication (master)


How do you give your future career meaning and value in a global context? By becoming an international communication expert.

Are you interested in specializing in international corporate communication, in strategic brand management, or in global public relations? Do you want to advance a career as an intercultural communication consultant or a facilitation specialist? Or do you have communication skills and management abilities and want to develop these further so as to become a gifted communicator? Our recently updated Master of International Communication (MA) responds to the business need for a strong professional and impactful program. This Master provides an excellent advanced knowledge and experience base for a successful career in a wide range of global communication areas. Our graduates develop competences that are valued most by employers and that are crucial for effective communication management. We train a new generation of communicators ready to take on each situation, equipped with problem solving skills, vision and strategic insights: international communication experts who are able to raise their game and inspire global as well as personal change.

Benefits of the Master in International Communication at Hanze UAS
  • Develop a Global Mindset by being able to work successfully across cultures and geographies, being adaptable, open-minded and having a deep knowledge of strategic communication practices in businesses, governments and non-profits.
  • Create Sustainable Impact by designing innovative, digital and sustainable solutions for organizations through mastering critical, creative and reflective skills, tools and trends and the latest practice-oriented research methods.
  • Brand Yourself for a career in international communication, by developing a personal brand tailored to your personal journey, your ambitions and needs and by building a professional network with fellow students, alumni and communication professionals.
  • Gain Experience through the acquisition of a thesis internship position in a wide variety of companies and organizations (e.g. Philips, Shell, Heineken, Microsoft, United Nations, Unesco) and through the opportunity to work with professional clients and the professorship Communication, Behavior and Sustainable Society throughout the first and second semester
  • Learn Strategic and Innovative thinking from highly committed academic teaching staff and experts; in a global classroom of problem-based, multidisciplinary learning, through immersion in case studies and by joining research & innovation labs.