Master of Business Administration


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Purpose Economy is a modular programme offered by the International Business School of Hanze UAS, both as a full-time (18 months) and part-time (2 years) programme. This MBA is focused on creating value for companies beyond profit-making. You will learn how to successfully manage a company while operating in a professional and ethical manner and taking into account the intercultural aspects at the same time. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals take a central place in this. The MBA helps professionals to lead with integrity and in compliance with the principles of good corporate governance.

The MBA programme is meant for professionals with a bachelor's degree and a minimum of three years of relevant managerial work experience, either within a company, non-profit or governmental organisation, or NGO. Work experience is required for this programme as this greatly contributes to the content of the study. During the master, you learn to find ways to add value to your work experience. Moreover, the different work backgrounds of your classmates add value to the classes and make for a unique environment through which you can expand your horizon.