MA in Fine Art and Design - Painting


The Frank Mohr Institute (FMI) at Minerva Art Academy offers an international Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design, with two study programmes to choose from: Painting and MADtech - Media, Art, Design & Technology. Both studio-based programmes, being open 24/7, span two years and comprise 120 credits (ECTS). Each curriculum has its own distinct focus, in the field of painting, on the one hand, and in technologically mediated relationships in society, on the other. Their common ground is that both reinforce the artistic professional in a rapidly changing society. As an independent artist, designer or performer, you will leave your mark in a technologically charged world – by reflecting on your professional role, always asking critical questions, investigating a world in transition or improving quality of life across the world.

You are keen to gain more insight into the innovative potential of painting in a rapidly changing world. You are aware of the forces of physicality and materiality in art work, and you take a painterly approach to conducting your experimental research into the functioning of perception psychology, cognition and imagination. A painting both reveals how ideas are imagined and shows how material is edited and used. Taking a painterly and critical approach means harnessing materiality to create new links and associations. By combining ideation and materiality, transforming your ideas into unexpected, meaningful and powerful images, you determine the meaning and significance of your work in contemporary society.

Past, present and future
All over the world, painting has been reinvented as a result of political changes, the digitisation of society, demand for a postcolonial perspective and the current runaway art market. Alongside its emphasis on materiality and ideation, the Painting programme responds to these developments by continually seeking a dialogue between different viewpoints on the past, present and future: between perception and cognition, image and language, stable and unstable media, old and new technologies and, in a broader sense, between art and science and both local and global forms of society. This allows us to collectively explore charted and uncharted territories whilst sharing our views and ideas, working in groups and learning from one other. At the same time, you will also embark on your own path, improving your knowledge and skills, and learning to reflect critically on your own position, role and work and on the world around you.

Hybrid practice
Students come to the Painting programme from a range of different areas, including art and design, but all share a fascination for painting. The mix of disciplines enables you to hone your artistic vision, working in a hybrid practice as a critical and engaged artist. As your art increasingly engages with the world, you will grow both as an individual and in your artistic practice, reinforcing the power of your imagination and exploring your own relationship to a transforming, technologically charged society.

To be admitted to this master’s degree programme, you have to show us what you wish to get out of the programme. We therefore ask you to submit a broad outline of the kind of artistic research that matters to you. What is it that fascinates you about painting? What kind of research would you like to carry out, how far do you want to advance and what type of progress do you want to make? During the admissions interview you will discuss your ideas with us. Once admitted, your ideas will form the basis for your next two years.


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